Thought Shredder: Bringing Out the Bucker in You by Chris Elliott

In June of 2006, my father passed away. I was forty-one years old and had just lost my father. I hugged my wife, seeking comfort for my loss. Then I realized I felt no loss. I held her tighter and longer; nothing. I hugged my children; still nothing. I finally realized that losing my father started when I was five years old. It started with that first slap across the face that caused my nose to bleed. It ended, or so I thought, with his death in a hospital bed in Arizona.

For most of my life it was so easy for me to say how much I hated my dad. What I didn't realize was that those words and thoughts also pertained to myself. If I hated him, I must also hate the part of me that is him. If I hate him I also hate myself. It took a journey to identify how much I loved him before I could love myself and find my purpose.

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Meet the Author

Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott is a practicing Servant Leader with more than twenty years of experience helping organizations implement change through process, technology and structure, including Schneider National, Integrys Energy Group and PolyOne. He is certified in Change Acceleration Process and relies heavily on ADKAR methodology to implement change. His journey through Servant Leadership has helped him create processes that allow individuals to get in touch with their past in order to create the future each wants. His unique ThoughtShredder techniques help individuals, teams and organizations understand the values and beliefs that drive them and provide steps to change what is keeping us all from reaching our goals. Chris and his wife Tracy have five children ranging in age from four to eleven, all of whom continue to teach Chris improved communication.