The Dignity-Based Franchise by Joe Kiedinger

Joe Kiedinger is the creator of Dignify, a proven, pioneering workplace communication system that enables business leaders to create dignity-based cultures to strengthen understanding and cooperation while increasing employee engagement, improving hiring effectiveness and retention, and ultimately spurring greater innovation and productivity.

At the heart of this system is a unique, proprietary approach for identifying an individual's top motivations or dignity traits, which results in improved communication and reduced workplace stress—which consistently has been shown to be the underlying reason why people quit jobs, departments miss goals and companies fail to thrive. Initially launched in 2009 as the About Me Card system, Dignify has evolved through multiple iterations based on direct client feedback and today is used by business leaders across the country as a practical and efficient activity-tracking tool in driving employee engagement.

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Meet the Author

Joe Kiedinger

Joe Kiedinger owns Prophit Marketing, Inc. It is a full-service marketing agency offering a wide variety of marketing resources to various clients throughout the Midwest. Recently, the company has diversified and established 9th Street Publishing Company through which Joe published his first book, The Brander-in-Chief. As an international writer, Joe also produces the online newsletter Wisdom on Wednesday. In addition, a large part of the company promotes leadership as it is an essential factor in marketing. Recently, Joe launched a new company with a product he co-invented called Dignify. You can go to to learn more about it. This leadership tool, as well as one-on-one leadership training with clients, is offered at Prophit Marketing.