About 9th Street Publishing

Founder/Author Joe Kiedinger was in search of a publisher for his book, The Brander-In-Chief. Through his search he discovered that being a new author and unproven, no major publisher would accept his manuscript. His company, Prophit Marketing, branded and designed the manuscript into a book. In his search for a publisher, he did find one that would accept his book. This publisher had a wide assortment of books from business to fiction. Joe learned that he would only retain 30% of the profits as well as loose total control of the content if he signed with this company.

Joe thought, "what if…" What if I started my own publishing company where the author was in control of his/her own work? Furthermore, what if we only published works that helped others? And so 9th Street Publishing was born. Currently, 9th Street Publishing's works have helped thousands of people improve their lives. So where does 9th Street come from? 9th Street is the original location of Joe and Danica Kiedinger's first company, J. Kiedinger Advertising which became Prophit Marketing in 2008 and today is simply known as Prophit.

At the end of the day, it's not the money you made but the people you helped to reach higher in life. 9th Street Publishing is always looking for inspiration through the lives of others. If you have a unique story to tell or concept to teach, contact us. We can help you “get it out” and make a difference in people's lives through our family of talented writers, copywriters and graphic artists. The story must be told… tell it!